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Better tech.
Finer products.
Brighter lives.

Venturenox is a venture studio and technology consultancy, solving hard business problems with systems thinking, cloud-native and data intelligence.

We are a centre of excellence in product and cloud-native engineering.

Venturenox was founded out of passion for technology and to become means for innovation and a force for good in the world. We are inclined towards research and have fun solving complex problems.

As a startup studio, we continuously synthesize our learnings into repeatable frameworks for building products and infrastructure.

We love being involved with the open source communities and academia to form synergies and collectively achieve excellence in everything that we do.

We help you build intelligent apps and advanced cloud infrastructure.

Our clients are futuristic companies who are changing the world.

Workforce Analytics for the Knowledge Economy

Crewnetics is an employee data platform built for the future of work. It provides data driven objectives, highly contextual surveys, and new-age analytics.

AI-powered Personality and Skill Assessment Platform

Testfuse not only tests skills but also determines if a candidate would be a good fit for the role. This is accomplished with personality and value insights.

Operating System for Financial Services Companies

Levvy is a vertical SaaS platform which provides everything from workflows, to time tracking, invoicing, password and document management.

We are different by design.

We are different by design and intent. We are not hired guns. We are commissioned artisans, who work towards a shared vision and together try to create a masterpiece.

What we do:

What we don't:

You want to change the world.

This could be a start.

Venturenox specializes in helping companies build upon their ideas and create digital experiences and technology infrastructure which are loved by users.

Let's talk about your ideas and explore if working with us is a good fit.