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We are entrepreneurial, skilled, streamlined, and fun; everything you’d want in your startup team.


🌱 We live and breathe startups.

When our company started back in 2018, we initially worked on all kind of software projects for all sorts of companies.

But we really loved building startups. That was in our DNA. So we ended up specializing in building startups.

Since then, we have worked for almost a dozen startups, taking them from idea to launch.

🧠 We are seriously skilled.

We have seven core areas of expertise: product, ux design, growth, fullstack (mobile, web and backend), cloud and machine learning.

We have designated practice leads for all these areas whose job is to continuously push and achieve excellence in their respective domains.

We have evolved these areas over the years and have well defined best practices in each of them.

💬 We communicate very effectively.

We have been remote friendly since our inception and therefore we have mature practices to communicate effectively.

We emphasise documenting our learnings and decisions. We use many tools to effectively organise our work and collaborate.

All of our teams members are well versed in spoken and written English and have good cultural awareness as well.

🕺🏽 We do serious work and have fun.

Our core values are: Excellence, Impact, Ownership, Collaboration, Empathy, and Integrity.

We care about delivering results, continuously improving ourselves and working effectively with others. We aim big and encourage our clients to do so as well.

We are informal in our communication. We crack jokes, have fun and keep our minds fresh and creative.

🔥 We want to make an impact.

Excellence is difficult to scale, while mediocrity can easily grow. We put doing good work before scaling our operations.

We are currently a company of 30 brilliant minds, and we are growing at a consistent, sustainable rate. We only do a handful of projects at a time.

Our founder, Jaffar, has over 20 years of experience in tech, and he spends time on every project to ensure excellence.