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Our expertise, experience and focus make us perfect startup partners.

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Our Expertise - skills to build your product

Product Management

Product Management relates to two things: building the right product, and building the product right. In our discovery workshops, we help you figure out the right product. Once we start to design and develop the product, we follow processes and practices to make sure we build it right.

Our product people work closely with you throughout your engagement with us. They also form a bridge between you and rest of the teams. With a design thinking approach, they continuously make decisions vital to your product’s success.

Competitor Analysis

Product Positioning

Feature Prioritisation

User Centred Design

Agile Project Management

User Experience Design

User Experience is all about how users feel when they interact with your product. This goes beyond just drawing beautiful interfaces, and relates more to capturing the right position in your users’ hearts and minds; so that they keep coming back.

Our designers are adept at both invoking the right emotions as well as building interfaces which are highly functional. Our approach is principled as well as empathetic; whereas the entire process starts from the user personas and their journeys within the software.


Branding & Identity

User Flows

Atomic Design Systems

Nielsen Norman Heuristics

Fullstack Development

Fullstack Development refers to building the product’s frontend interfaces such as mobile apps and web portals; as well as building the server side code necessary to store and process the data. In building products which can scale, fullstack development plays a critical role.

Our fullstack developers at skilled at both translating designs to flawless interfaces; as well as building micro-services backends which can scale as your product grows. Our fullstack teams also work on the data infrastructure required by most modern products today.

Web Development

Mobile App Development

Backend Microservices

Event-driven Architecture

Big Data Engineering

Machine Learning

Building apps to be intelligent is not a choice anymore – it is mandatory. While Machine Learning is a very broad domain, we have gathered the most critical skills which solve the most common challenges in making products which are smart.

Our machine learning engineers get involved from the architecture phase, build proof of concepts (if necessary), and then build out the actual services to power intelligent use-cases. We are also skilled in building MLOps pipelines necessary to train and host machine learning models in production.

Computer Vision

Natural Language


Data Analytics

Chat Bots

Cloud Infrastructure

Managing the outcomes of the development efforts is a non-trivial problem. Code by different developers needs to integrate, be tested, and then released to production environment. The environments need to be established and monitored.

Cloud Infrastructure Engineers establish the environments where the code is hosted, and build systems for monitoring of the infrastructure. They also maintain systems to integrate and automatically test new code.

Containers & Orchestration

Infrastructure as Code

Continuous Integration

Quality Automation

Infrastructure Observability

Our Team - experienced and focused on startups

Jaffar Hussain


“For almost 20 years, I have worked in different tech domains and started multiple companies. I am really passionate about technology and possibilities it opens up. I like to create well-positioned ecosystems which utilise technology and design to achieve great things. I founded Venturenox to be able to do exactly that.”


Ammar Saqib

Machine Learning Lead


Awais Shafiq

Fullstack Developer

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Faizan Anwar

Cloud Engineer


Hamza Iftikhar

User Experience Designer

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Mustafa Akram

Fullstack Developer

WhatsApp Image 2021-06-17 at 5.47.27 PM

Nabeel Asif

Fullstack Developer


Omer Khalil

Machine Learning Engineer

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Sharjeel Munir

Fullstack Developer

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Zahab Ahmed

User Experience Designer

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Zain Yousaf

Fullstack Developer

Common Questions

Most outsourcing companies would do any work you would present to them. They leverage the billable hours of their employees to earn profits. In most cases, client’s product managers and technology leaders plan the work to be done by the outsourcing company’s employees.

We don’t do just any work. We work on projects where we can build entire products end to end. We leverage our framework and product skills to build great products, and earn profits. We support startup founders to start from scratch without any team and get to a stage where they can launch and take over the product from us.

When we started our operations, we used to take on all kinds of work: enterprise apps, freelance projects, staffing etc. However what we really enjoyed was being part of ideation and building of startups. Gradually we decided that it was the only thing we wanted to do.

Building startups is hard. The margins are narrow and speed of delivery necessary is very high. That is why not a lot of software outsourcing companies do that exclusively. 

However, we love designing products so much that we would rather do this hard work than anything else.

Before we started to work exclusively for startups, we worked with large companies such as SAS, Telenor and Vimplecom. We also built an enterprise products for Prime Genetics (a Nestle group company), and provided cloud infrastructure support to a European cryptocurrency exchange.

Since then, we have worked on building SaaS products, e-commerce products, online education systems, and some advanced machine learning use cases in medical imaging.

Our teams are based in Lahore, Pakistan. We have supported fully remote work from the beginning of our operations. We believe that in the future of work, location will matter less and less.

We have our primary legal presence in Wyoming.

We are a small company and we want to stay that way. When you want to scale infinitely, you have to adopt some mediocrity. We hire some of the best engineers in the country, and produce awesome products. 

We take up only a handful of projects at a time. Our CEO, Jaffar spends time on every project as the Product Consultant.

Yes, we do. Please check our open positions here.