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We have all the skills necessary to plan, design, build and scale a startup successfully.


đŸŽ¯ Product Management

Product Management relates to two things: building the right product, and building the product right. In our discovery workshops, we help you figure out the right product. Once we start to design and develop the product, we follow processes and practices to make sure we build it right.

Our product people work closely with you throughout your engagement with us. They also form a bridge between you and rest of the teams. With a design thinking approach, they continuously make decisions vital to your product's success.

🕹ī¸ User Experience Design

User Experience is all about how users feel when they interact with your product. This goes beyond just drawing beautiful interfaces, and relates more to capturing the right position in your users' hearts and minds; so that they keep coming back.

Our designers are adept at both invoking the right emotions as well as building interfaces which are highly functional. Our approach is principled as well as empathetic; whereas the entire process starts from the user personas and their journeys within the software.

đŸĒ´ Marketing and Growth

While we don't provide full-blown marketing services, we have specialised skills required to solve challenges unique to early stage startups.

We help our clients build their brand's narrative, visual design language and tone of voice. This is done before any user experience is designed.

During launch and scale, we help our clients acquire initial users, build pitch decks and reach out to potential investors to try and raise funds.

👨‍đŸ’ģ Frontend Engineering

Frontend Engineering refers to building the product's frontend interfaces such as mobile apps and web portals. Frontend engineers translate the designs created by the UX designers into reality and make sure that they work flawlessly.

Our frontend engineers are experienced at both translating designs to pixel-perfect interfaces, and integrating them with the backend services. We use several cutting edge technology platforms to make sure the experience delivered to the user is excellent.

👨‍đŸ’ģ Backend Engineering

Backend servers store data and do logical computations to power mobile and web apps. Scalability of backend services is critical for sustainable growth of any prooduct. Venturenox specialises in building microservices based backend infrastructures.

Our backend engineers are experienced in building distributed and event driven architectures which keep scaling and can be extended to accommodate diverse use-cases. Our backend teams also work on the data infrastructure required by most modern products today.

🤖 Machine Learning

Building apps to be intelligent is not a choice anymore - it is mandatory. While Machine Learning is a very broad domain, we have gathered the most critical skills which solve the most common challenges in making products which are smart.

Our machine learning engineers get involved from the architecture phase, build proof of concepts (if necessary), and then build out the actual services to power intelligent use-cases. We are also skilled in building MLOps pipelines necessary to train and host machine learning models in production.

☁ī¸ Cloud Engineering

Managing the outcomes of the development efforts is a non-trivial problem. Code by different developers needs to integrate, be tested, and then released to production environment. The environments need to be established and monitored.

Cloud Infrastructure Engineers establish the environments where the code is hosted, and build systems for monitoring of the infrastructure. They also maintain systems to integrate and automatically test new code.