Why Us

Why work with Venturenox?

Afterall, there are so many ways you could possibly build your startup. There are good reasons why working with Venturenox might be just what you need.
Building startups at Venturenox

As a non-technical founder, you might face certain problems.

Finding a technical co-founder is really hard.

Experienced CTOs typically don't join startups till the time they have raised funds and shown some traction.

You have little experience in building a product.

You might be building a startup for the first time and may not know all the pitfalls that might come your way.

Developers are difficult to find and difficult to work with.

Developers speak a different language and might not understand what you want to build. And they are scarce.

Building teams take a long time before they start to deliver.

Putting together a new team, establishing processes, deciding a tech stack... All these things take months.

Agencies lack the startup mindset and lack ownership.

Most agencies just want to sell developer hours to you. They rarely have startup experience or mindset.

Startups costs an arm and a leg to build!

Hiring developers is not cheap. They are some of the most sought after professionals in the world.

Instead of worrying, you should be building your startup with...

An experienced team with startup mindset

People who already know your worries, and have built and shipped products for startups before.

No dependency on a technical co-founder

Onboard CTO for lower equity at a later stage when you already have a product-market fit.

Low developer cost without any compromise

Trained off-shore engineers at a fraction of a cost than on-shore developers.

As a company, our job is to help founders like you succeed.

Mature & Tested Process to Build Products

Our process has seen several iterations with different startups, and we have evolved it to work flawlessly and protect founders against common pitfalls.

Expertise in Product, Design & Engineering

Our expertise were built over years after experimenting with different technologies, building several products, and delivering working software.

True Collaboration and Transparency

We talk with our founders and users all the time. That is the only way truly agile product teams work. User feedback is always prioritized.

Venture-building Mindset of Teams

We exclusively work with startups and therefore that is where our expertise is. We build our in-house products as well with the same teams.

Smooth Transition to In-house Teams

When you are ready to build your own teams, we help you train them and smoothly handover development to them. That is the sane thing to do.

Doesn't Cost you an Arm and a Leg

Most of our teams are located in off-shore locations, therefore costing just a fraction of cost than on-shore or near-shore resources.

Build your startup with Venturenox!

Start your startup journey with us. Join hands as we pave the way to your startup’s success.