Venturenox Academy

Hands-on training, research activities, and insights.

Our academy provides hands-on trainings courses, works with colleges for research collaboration, and share useful insights.

Learn more about our academy initiatives:

Training Courses

Our hands-on training courses help you learn practical skills that you can put to use right away. Our trainings take place through live sessions with experienced instructors and you are expected to complete practical tasks. 



We routinely write about how our framework and services can help you create great digital experiences, as well as insights into the world of technology. Our engineers routinely share their learnings on our blog as well.

Founder's Handbook

Founder’s handbook is a collection of useful resources for first time founders. The handbook cover everything from idea inception, discovery, validation to engineering and scaling the product and technology.

Senior Project Fellowship

We work with universities as industry collaborators on research initiatives in areas of distributed computing, cybersecurity, and machine learning. We also offer a senior project fellowship so that students can work on industry problems in their senior year.

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