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BIG Data & Machine Learning

Inspire users with deep insights and intelligence.

We help you manage your data, harness its power for insights, and combine it with machine learning to produce superior user experiences.

We make your users feel smart and boost their productivity.

90% employees report better productivity when they use AI.

In the modern workplace, AI is not just a buzzword; it’s a transformative force. By automating repetitive tasks, providing data-driven insights, and facilitating smarter decision-making, AI empowers users to perform at their best.

From chatbots that streamline customer support to AI-driven analytics that inform strategic choices, AI is a versatile ally in the quest for efficiency and effectiveness.

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business software have an AI driven feature
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business users use AI for personalization
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digital products have an analytics dashboard
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positive reviews for software are about analytics

We have taken several intelligent products from idea to scale.

AI-powered Personality and Skill Assessment Platform

Testfuse not only tests skills but also determines if a candidate would be a good fit for the role. This is accomplished with personality and value insights.

Deep Learning driven Imaging Tool for Hepatobiliary Surgeons

Liver analyzer is a tool for hepatobiliary surgeons so that they can quickly make assessments about key health indicators such as liver volumes and tumor locations and sizes without immediate help from a trained radiologist.

Workforce Analytics for the Knowledge Economy

Crewnetics is an employee data platform built for the future of work. It provides data driven objectives, highly contextual surveys, and new-age analytics.

Here is what we do:

Data Warehousing & ETL Pipelines

Data pipelines form the backbone of modern applications, ensuring a seamless flow of information from various sources to a centralized data repository. By building robust data pipelines and warehousing, we enable you to unlock the true potential of your data.

Stream Computing

Stream computing is more than just processing data; it’s about capturing, analyzing, and responding to data as it flows, right when it happens. We empower you to seize opportunities as they arise and keep you connected to the pulse of your operations

Data Science & Analytics

By revealing insights through customized analytics dashboards, we enable your users to harness the full potential of your platform, maximize their efficiency, and make informed data-driven decisions that drive success.

Computer Vision

Unstructured visual media, whether it’s images or videos holds a wealth of untapped information.  Our approach involves deploying advanced AI algorithms to analyze and interpret this media, transforming it into structured, actionable data.

AI Integration & MLOps

By harnessing LLMs, you unlock the power to automate and personalize experience. These models can identify patterns and trends in user data, enabling you to automate routine tasks, deliver recommendations, and provide a truly user-centric experience.

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