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November 2022

How to find Founder-Product Fit

Building a Startup: How to find the Product-Market Fit?

Building a successful startup isn’t just about finding the right problem to solve, it’s also about making sure that the solution you are providing
How to find the Founder Problem-Fit

Building a Startup: How to find the Founder-Problem Fit?

The startup lifecycle begins with the idea, but that’s not where it ends. Finding the founder-problem fit is an incredibly important step and one
Top Startup Studios in 2023

Top Startup Studios to consider in 2023

Startup studios are becoming increasingly popular as a way to launch new businesses. The reason for this success is the comprehensive support that startup
Startup Survival

The 5Cs of Startup Survival

Over 90% of startups fail during the first year. Some common reasons for startup failure include running out of cash, founder disagreements, poor team
Key Milestones of a Successful Startup

Key Milestones of a Successful Startup

Building a successful startup is all about taking risks and being patient. Some founders want things to shape up quickly, while others take a
AARRR Pirate Metrics for Startups

Understanding AARRR Funnel – Pirate Metrics for Startups

Every business venture needs a way to measure its success. Without metrics, you can’t track your progress and optimize your processes. One popular framework