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Kanban VS Scrum: Which Agile Framework is for you?

Kanban VS Scrum: Which Agile framework is for you?

Product development is a cornerstone of any successful startup journey. It’s essential that these efforts are done right and in a timely fashion in order to maximize their return. To ensure they get the best out of the process, startups … Read More

Is AI the future of Startups?

Is AI the future of Startups?

The evolution of artificial intelligence (AI) has had a tremendous impact on society over the past several decades. What began as machines with only the most basic programming capabilities, such as playing games like chess, has drastically changed and grown … Read More

The Key Role of a Product Manager

The Key Roles of a Product Manager

Product managers shoulder a huge and varied set of responsibilities, making it difficult for everyone from recruiters to hiring teams to fully explain the job. Because no two products are exactly the same, each product manager’s role can be different … Read More

Promising Startups that Failed in 2022

Promising Startups that Failed in 2022

The wake of 2022 had startup companies across the world realizing that great ideas don’t guarantee success. While it is never a pleasant sight to see great companies shut their doors, the silver lining behind such struggles is that they … Read More

Dissecting a Unicorn Startup - What makes a Unicorn Startup?

Dissecting a Unicorn Startup

The startup journey can be an incredibly difficult, yet rewarding, endeavor. With the promise of incredible potential profits and a deep sense of accomplishment, founders strive to turn their startups into ‘unicorns’, i.e. companies worth over one billion dollars. Achieving … Read More

Top Startup Trends

Top Startup Trends 2023

It’s no secret that the startup industry has undergone some drastic changes in recent years. The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic have been felt across all sectors, and startups are no exception. Many companies have been forced to pivot their … Read More

How to find Channel-Product Fit

Building a Startup: How to find the Product-Investor Fit?

Starting a business is often compared to embarking on a quest. There are many things to figure out before you can successfully launch your startup, and each step along the way requires careful planning and attention to detail. After you’ve … Read More

How to find Product-Investor Fit

Building a Startup: How to find the Product-Channel Fit?

Finding the ideal product-market fit is a tremendous success for any business, and it should never be taken for granted. It means you have identified a critical sweet spot in the market that could potentially lead to strong and lasting … Read More

How to find Founder-Product Fit

Building a Startup: How to find the Product-Market Fit?

Building a successful startup isn’t just about finding the right problem to solve, it’s also about making sure that the solution you are providing is needed in the market. You must have found the founder-problem fit but there are countless … Read More

How to find the Founder Problem-Fit

Building a Startup: How to find the Founder-Problem Fit?

The startup lifecycle begins with the idea, but that’s not where it ends. Finding the founder-problem fit is an incredibly important step and one that should not be taken lightly. This consists of evaluating and understanding the problem you are … Read More