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Our focus on excellence and impact makes us an excellent workplace to grow your career.


🧬 Our values are central to our work culture.

We have five core values which we adhere to with a lot of conviction. We have an evaluation driven hiring process and making sure that all our potential team members have a proclivity towards our values is an essential part of the process.

Focus on excellence and delivering results is our most important value. We require our team members to be passionate about their work. We assume that everyone on the team is passionate about their work and will be delivering with a lot of ownership.

Adhering to our values enable us to adopt flexible work practices and deliver superior outcomes.

🕊️ We believe in freedom and flexibility.

We don't believe in policing people. We see ourselves as a company who is expected by its clients to do creative and ground-breaking work. To do this kind of work, people need to be self-driven, and given freedom to explore how they can do their best work.

We have as much flexibility in location and timings as possible. We don't believe in counting hours or taking screenshots. We gauge performance by work outcomes - as explained in the point above about focus on excellence.

✨ We take care of our team members.

We like to see ourselves as company which is more than a workplace. We want all team members to be part of the same vision and values; and focus on excellence. We take it upon ourselves to make sure that our team members feel taken care of and have clear career growth.

With our relaxed and flexible working style, we minimise unnecessary pressures, offer above market compensation; and keep challenging our team members to work on new problems and create innovative products so that they can keep growing.

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