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Cloud Infrastructure and DevOps

Cloud-native refers to set of tools and practices which enable quick scale, reduction of dependencies and ability to rapidly deploy new versions of the software.

We help you release often in reliable and consistent way.

DevOps practices are directly linked to agility and iterative approach.

DevOps practices are not just a technical detail – they directly determine how often new value will be delivered to the user and how quickly their feedback will be responded to.

DevOps is the means by which the engineers get involved in the customer feedback loop. We adopt trunk based Git branching model and Kanban methodology to align with iterative approach.

49% companies report faster time to market after adopting DevOps

DevOps is not just a methodology; it’s a culture that prioritizes collaboration, automation, and efficiency. 

By streamlining development and operations, companies can deliver new features and updates with unprecedented speed and precision.

In essence, DevOps isn’t just a methodology; it’s a catalyst for innovation and a key driver of success in today’s fast-paced business landscape.

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companies report improved quality after DevOps
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companies report higher business value after DevOps
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corporate data resides in a public cloud provider

Here is how we do it:

A systematic approach towards cloud computing

Standardize infrastructure management

Adopting Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and GitOps offers numerous benefits, enhancing agility for companies. IaC allows programmable management of infrastructure configurations, enabling version control and automation. GitOps uses Git as a source of truth for infrastructure and application changes, providing centralized control.

This combination enables rapid provisioning, continuous delivery, and collaboration between teams, leading to increased agility, faster deployments, improved reliability, and efficient infrastructure management.

DevOps refers to a set of practices for continuous integration and testing of new code.

Build pipelines for rapid delivery of software

CI/CD isn’t just a workflow; it’s a strategy that transforms software delivery. Our approach centers on constructing CI/CD pipelines that enable rapid and reliable deployment of software.

These pipelines automate everything from code integration and testing to deployment and monitoring, eliminating bottlenecks and ensuring that your software reaches your audience swiftly and with precision. With each code commit, the CI/CD pipeline springs into action, ensuring that your software is always up-to-date and ready for delivery.

Venturenox team has expertise in Product Management, Product Engineering, User Experience Design, Machine Learning and Cloud Engineering

Let machines do quality testing

By utilizing testing frameworks and platforms, we automate test execution, perform parallel testing, and create virtual environments for comprehensive test coverage. 

This approach accelerates test cycles, and handles complex scenarios, reducing manual effort and costs. With support for diverse automated test types such as functional, regression, and performance testing, we ensure your software delivers customer satisfaction, all while expediting time to market and enhancing reliability.

We offer the best product frontend interfaces and solid back-end engineering for your startup.

Observe your app and reduce overheads

Observability is more than just monitoring; it’s a proactive approach to understanding your application’s behavior and performance. SRE principles and observability tools work in tandem to provide a holistic view of your app’s health, allowing you to identify and address issues before they become costly problems.

With SRE, the focus shifts from firefighting to preventive maintenance. Our approach is rooted in the belief that efficiency isn’t just about cutting costs; it’s about creating a resilient and agile operation that can adapt to changing demands while minimizing waste.

Code standardisation for startups

Scale your application infinitely

Kubernetes, the container, enables your application to scale horizontally, ensuring that it can handle any level of demand effortlessly. With Kubernetes, your application can dynamically adapt to changes in traffic, allowing it to maintain optimal performance under any circumstances.

Pairing Kubernetes with Helm and Argo, we simplify the deployment processes. Helm’s templating and versioning capabilities allow for the efficient management and scaling of your application while Argo provides better control over the releases.

Product Security

Keep your application and data secure

Cloud security isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution; it’s a layered strategy that adapts to the evolving threat landscape. Our approach involves multiple steps that span different layers, ensuring a robust defense against potential vulnerabilities.

From securing infrastructure and network configurations to implementing access controls, centeralized policy controls, encryption mechanisms, and browser safety, each layer is fortified to protect your application and data. 

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