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Cloud Agnostic Infrastructure

Modern & reliable infrastructure, no vendor lock-in.

We specialize in building cloud environments which are based on open source and container technologies with no vendor lock-in.

Cloud platfroms deliver a bittersweet experience: efficient but costly.

80% companies report concern about being locked into a single public cloud.

Public cloud providers solve a lot of problems like provisioning resources on demand, ensuring reliability and security. However, they also come with a few problems: high costs and vendor lock-in.

Venturenox specializes in open source cloud technologies, so that while you can utilize public cloud platforms, you are building your infrastructure in a way that it can be migrated to another cloud or your data center in matter of days.

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tech companies invest in cloud innovation
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corporate data resides in a public cloud provider
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companies can't explain cloud spending
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companies utilize multiple cloud services

Here is what we do:

Container Orchestration and Kubernetes

With Kubernetes, your application can dynamically adapt to changes in traffic, allowing it to maintain optimal performance under any circumstances. Kubernetes enables your application to scale horizontally, so that it can handle any level of demand effortlessly. 

Infrastructure as Code

IaC allows programmable management of infrastructure configurations, enabling version control and automation. GitOps uses Git as a source of truth for infrastructure and application changes, providing centralized control.

Hybrid and Private Cloud

We help you utilize multiple clouds and your own data centre to help manage costs, increase reliability of the platform, and reduce the vendor lock-in. By utilizing open standards, such hybrid platforms can work seamlessly. 

Observability and Site Reliability Engineering

Observability is more than just monitoring; it’s a proactive approach to understanding your application’s behavior and performance. SRE principles and observability tools provide a holistic view of your app’s health, allowing to address issues before they become costly.

Virtualization and Networking

With our roots in old school network and server infrastructure, we bring advanced virtualization and networking skills to your application, when and if it needs them. We can help establish on-premesis data centres as well.

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