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About Us

Skilled artisans working towards your success.

We are a team of engineers, designers and product managers focused on building generational digital products and technology.

Product Studio - Venturenox builds startups to take them from idea to scale.

We are technologists who love to build delightful products.

Venturenox was founded not as a result of a meticulous business plan, but out of sheer passion for technology. This passion and genuine excitement in building new things defines our approach and the way we work with our clients.

Our work in technology and building great products is not means to an end, but the very destination itself. In fact, forming a company with a viable business model is the means to reaching that destination.

Since our motivation for work is driven by passion, we strive to find excellence in everything that we do.

This has resulted in development of standardized frameworks for digital products and modern infrastructure, which plays a great role in success of companies that we work with. This is in sharp contrast to most outsourced software development companies, who have nothing to offer other than staff augmentation. Success of products that we work on is very personal to us.


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We are organized around a few guiding principles.

Building a startup team and process

Fundamentally correct by Design and Intent

We uphold the belief that every aspect of work must be rigorously evaluated against fundamental principles before any crucial decisions are made. Adhering to a principled stance takes precedence over succumbing to temporary hype cycles, obsessions, and the pursuit of profits. 

This approach ensures that our actions and decisions are not only effective but also ethically sound and aligned with long-term sustainability and integrity.

Building highly functional Ecosystems

We advocate for building products, technology, people, communications, and workplaces in a highly functional manner, ensuring that everyone connected to the ecosystem benefits and has the opportunity to flourish. 

This philosophy emphasizes creating environments and solutions that are not only efficient but also inclusive and beneficial, fostering a supportive and thriving community for all stakeholders involved.

Cloud-native refers to set of tools and practices which enable quick scale, reduction of dependencies and ability to rapidly deploy new versions of the software.

Oriented towards Research & Development

Following our fundamental principles, we emphasize the importance of rigorous research in all our activities. We are convinced that research is essential for achieving significant breakthroughs and addressing major global challenges. 

By committing to comprehensive exploration and analysis, we ensure that our efforts are well-informed and positioned to make substantial impacts in the fields we engage with.

The right people to build your products and tech.

Our team thrives with transparency, great communication, and cultural understanding. We do not limit ourselves but learn and unlearn every day!

Our people are hired after a careful evaluation process. They are aligned with our values which are infused into our processes and culture.

Female Astronaut - Venturenox Mascot
Robot Illustration - Venturenox Mascot
Male Astronaut - Venturenox Mascot

For more than 20 years, I have worked in different technology domains and started multiple companies. I am really passionate about technology and possibilities it opens up. I like to create well-positioned ecosystems which utilise technology and design to achieve great things. I founded Venturenox to be able to do exactly that.

Jaffar Hussain
Founder & CEO

Hamza Iftikhar

UX Design Lead
Ammar copy

Ammar Saqib

Engineering Manager

Zain Yousaf

Frontend Lead

Faizan Anwar

Cloud Lead

Awais Shafiq

Engineering Manager

Sharjeel Munir

Sr. Frontend Engineer

Omer Khalil

Engineering Manager

Nabeel Asif

Engineering Team Lead
Ali Akbar copy

Ali Akbar

Sr. Cloud Engineer
Ahmed Bilal copy

Ahmed Bilal

HR and Ops Manager
Hamza Akif

Hamza Akif

Sr. Frontend Engineer

Mohib Habib

Engineering Team Lead

Noor Butt

Cloud Engineer

Asma Ahmed

Product Manager
Ali Rathore

Ali Rathore

Sales Specialist

Muhammad Azeem

HR & Ops Executive
Hamza Iqbal

Hamza Iqbal

Frontend Engineer

Saad Akhtar

Backend Engineer

Muhammad Zubair

Sr. Backend Engineer

Faraz Hasan

UX Designer

Zeeshan Akbar

Frontend Engineer

Balaaj Khan

Sales Specialist

Obaid Rehman

Backend Engineer
T39L5HQ00-U05RS1CSCCT-6e0f35658155-512 (1)

Zaid Yousaf

Frontend Engineer

Zeeshan Farooq

Cloud Engineer

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