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Open Source

Giving back to
the open source community.

We engage actively in open-source initiatives and contribute our own code to the open-source community.

We love open source and strive to give back to the community.

We love open source and strive to give back to the community in meaningful ways. At Venturenox, we believe that open-source technologies are foundational to innovation and collaboration in IT development. By actively participating in open-source projects, we contribute our expertise and resources to help build robust, scalable solutions that benefit everyone.

We not only leverage open-source tools and frameworks in our customer projects but also release our own code to the community, promoting transparency and shared growth. 

Our commitment to open source is driven by a desire to foster a collaborative environment where knowledge and advancements are freely exchanged. Through our contributions, we aim to support and enhance the vibrant ecosystem that drives technological progress and innovation.

We believe that by supporting and contributing to open source, we not only improve our own capabilities but also help elevate the entire tech community, driving collective progress.

Here are some of our open source initiatives:

Sagawise - Distributed Workflow Registry

Easy to adopt workflow tracking which instantly lets developers bring resilience into their implementations of saga patterns. Sagawise aids in driving workflow instances to completion while business logic stays in domain specific microservices.

We are collaborating with a leading university for this project.

Sternguard - Cloud-native Authorization

Highly flexible authentication and authorization service with fine grained controls, compatible with ExtAuth protocol for API Gateway integrations and Stripe for implementing subscription billing systems.

VPMF - Product Management Framework

We have built a product management framework after years of building products to help you build you product in a more effective manner. The framework helps you manage product data and perform several product management tasks.

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