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Application Security

Why do you need application security.

Application security is essential for protecting software from vulnerabilities that can be exploited by attackers. Ensuring robust application security involves multiple layers of defense, including supply chain security, which addresses risks associated with third-party components and dependencies. By securing the software supply chain, organizations can prevent malicious code and vulnerabilities from being introduced during development.

Static analysis tools play a crucial role in identifying security flaws within the code before deployment, helping to mitigate potential risks early in the development cycle. This proactive approach ensures that applications are more resilient to attacks.

Additionally, protecting applications from browser and API attacks is vital. Implementing measures such as input validation, authentication, and encryption helps safeguard against common threats like cross-site scripting (XSS), SQL injection, and unauthorized API access.

Effective application security ensures data integrity, protects user privacy, and maintains trust. By investing in comprehensive application security measures, organizations can deliver reliable and secure software, aligning with best practices in tech excellence and safeguarding their reputation.

Here is how we do it:

Static Code Analysis

We use advanced static code analysis tools to scan source code for vulnerabilities and coding errors before deployment. This ensures secure coding practices and helps identify potential security issues early in the development process. 

By reducing the risk of vulnerabilities in your applications, we improve overall software quality and ensure a robust security posture.

Dynamic Application Security Testing

Our team performs comprehensive dynamic application security testing (DAST), including automated and manual testing of running applications. We identify vulnerabilities such as SQL injection, XSS, and authentication flaws.

By simulating real-world attacks, we help you find and fix security weaknesses, ensuring your applications are robust and secure against potential threats.

Supply Chain Security

We assess and secure third-party components and libraries to prevent vulnerabilities from entering your application through external dependencies. This scanning process is done early in the continuous integration process through automated tools.

Our supply chain security measures include regular audits and updates, ensuring that your software components are reliable and safe from malicious threats.

API Security

Our experts implement security measures for APIs, including authentication, authorization, and input validation, to protect against API-specific attacks. Our approach of implementing API Gateway as a standard platform component also helps us with this objective.

By securing your APIs, we help you prevent unauthorized access and data breaches, ensuring that your applications remain safe and reliable.

Here are the tools we use for application security:

Emissary Gateway
Zed Attack Proxy

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