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Development Process Consulting

When do you need our development process consulting.

Our development process consulting is essential when your organization seeks to enhance software delivery efficiency, quality, and agility. By leveraging our expertise in git branching strategies, we ensure streamlined version control and collaborative development. Our guidance on implementing true agile methodologies with Kanban promotes continuous improvement, transparency, and flexibility, enabling teams to manage work effectively and adapt to changing priorities.

Additionally, we help integrate robust CI/CD pipelines, automating the build, test, and deployment processes. This not only accelerates the delivery cycle but also ensures consistent, reliable releases with minimal manual intervention.

These practices collectively enhance your ability to swiftly deliver value, respond to customer feedback, and maintain a competitive edge in the market.

Partnering with us for development process consulting empowers your teams to adopt industry best practices, improve workflow efficiency, and achieve tech excellence. Whether you’re looking to optimize existing processes or establish new, more effective ones, our expertise ensures your organization is well-equipped to meet its goals.

Here is how we do it:

Cloud-native refers to set of tools and practices which enable quick scale, reduction of dependencies and ability to rapidly deploy new versions of the software.

Git Branching Strategies

We advise on effective git branching models, such as GitFlow or trunk-based development, to streamline collaboration and version control.

By implementing the right branching strategy, we help you manage code changes efficiently, reduce merge conflicts, and enhance team productivity. Our expertise ensures that your version control process supports seamless development and release cycles.

Agile Transformation

Our consultants guide teams through adopting agile methodologies, including Scrum or Kanban, to improve workflow and adaptability.

By embracing agile practices, we help you enhance collaboration, transparency, and continuous improvement. Agile transformation supports faster delivery of value, better alignment with business goals, and improved team dynamics.

CI/CD Pipeline Design

We design and implement robust CI/CD pipelines to automate the build, test, and deployment processes. Our approach ensures efficient and reliable software delivery, reducing manual errors and accelerating release cycles.

By integrating CI/CD pipelines, we help you achieve continuous integration and continuous delivery, enhancing overall productivity and software quality.

VRPA - Reference Platform Architecture

Our estbalished reference platform architecture can be used as a starting point to build your DevOps practices. The architecture consildates our experience in setting up product platforms. 

Over last several years and dozens of products later, our reference platform architecture has seen a lot of evolution, and stands today as an advanced framework with a lot of boilerplate code.

VPMF - Product Management Framework

Our product management framework provides a way to store and make sense of all the data related to your product. Working very much like a database, it keeps record of everything from tasks, roadmaps, objectives and user research data.

We use the framework to establish practices for continuous feedback and improvement, including retrospectives, metrics analysis, and iterative enhancements. By fostering a culture of continuous improvement, we help you achieve sustained progress and adapt to changing requirements. 

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