Free Technology Review


Free Technology Review

Building a startup? We will review your technology infrastructure and architecture so you can start building on solid foundations. At no cost!

Technology can make or break your product!

Get first-hand feedback from our team of engineers and architects determined to make your technology resilient and scalable.

Here is what you get:

  • understanding of technological challenges
  • identification of problem areas
  • evaluation of system engineering
  • roadmap of architecture evolution
  • recommendations for improvement

We build and love building startups.

We are a startup studio run by entrepreneurs who build their products as well as partner with other founders to build their startups. Our processes, expertise, and technology principles are designed to reduce risks inherent to startup building.
Crewnetics - An employee data platform that lets you measure employee productivity.
testfuse - an intelligent candidate assessment tool that makes hiring easy.
Levvy - an advanced practice management software for financial services firms.
Altrunic - a corporate philanthropy platform that enables companies to charitable campaigns with top charities.

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