Our Labs

While building products, we have created some cool things. Some are standard components of our products, while others are just for fun.

Our Authentication and Authorisation Microservice with Stripe & Emissary Integration

Sternguard is our standard authentication service which we have built and matured since 2018. It works as an External Auth service for Emissary API Gateway as well. 


Lightweight Saga Registry for Distributed Backends

WTFsaga solves the problem of reliability in distributed event driven systems. It acts as a pluggable microservice which then records every transaction (saga) in the backend. 


A Structured Process and Data Framework for Product Management

Managing the Product Management data and performing associated tasks such as task management, OKRs and growth experiments is no trivial task. This is a standardized framework which we use for all our products. 


Wildlife Species Detection from live feeds in realtime

WildCam detects wildlife activities from live streams so that wildlife enthusiasts can track wildlife activity. Since the project involved analysing frames from multiple live streams continuously, we employed Kafka and de-coupled micro-services to build the product.

Collection of Code, Configurations and Guidelines for Building Scalable Applications

Our reference architecture is our boilerplate for how to build and operate large cloud-native applications. This helps us get started on new products very quickly.

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