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Microservices Architecture

Solve complex
problems, scale
with confidence.

We help you implement microservices architectures and help you solve complex problems in your existing infrastructure.

Microservices enable flexibility, resilience and better team scaling.

84% companies say that microservices improved team collaboration.

By adopting microservices, smaller, cross-functional teams can work independently on specific services, enabling rapid development, testing, and deployment. This approach not only accelerates innovation but also promotes synergy among team members.

Microservices also provide varioud technological benefits by decoupling different business domains. Ability choose the best platform for the job and better resilience just to name a few.

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companies say microservices have no cost impact
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companies use microservices for better scalability
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companies use microservices to reduce time to market
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companies use microservices for more team autonomy

Here is what we do:

Microservices Development

Domain specific microservices enable seamless scalability, fault isolation, and independent development. With optimized services, we enhance system performance, resource utilization, and resilience.

API Gateways Integration

API gateways serve as a gatekeeper, overseeing and regulating the flow of data between clients and your backend services. API Gateways act as a centralized entry point for all API requests, allowing you to enforce security measures in a unified manner.

Event Architecture & Saga Patterns

Event-driven patterns enable loose coupling between different components, allowing them to operate independently and asynchronously. Utilizing messaging systems, such as Apache Kafka, ensure reliable and efficient communication between components.

Service Mesh Implementation

By implementing a dedicated infrastructure layer for service-to-service communication, the deployment of Service Mesh allows for centralized control, observability, and security. This enables fine-grained traffic management, and fault tolerance.

Sternguard - Cloud-native Authorization

Highly flexible authentication and authorization service with fine grained controls, compatible with ExtAuth protocol for API Gateway integrations and Stripe for implementing subscription billing systems.

Sagawise - Distributed Workflow Registry

Easy to adopt workflow tracking which instantly lets developers bring resilience into their implementations of saga patterns. Sagawise aids in driving workflow instances to completion while business logic stays in domain specific microservices.

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