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Microservices Backends which scale

Building a startup team and process

We segment the platform for flexibility, resilience and better team scaling.

84% companies say that microservices improved team collaboration.

By adopting microservices, smaller, cross-functional teams can work independently on specific services, enabling rapid development, testing, and deployment. This approach not only accelerates innovation but also promotes synergy among team members.

Microservices also provide varioud technological benefits by decoupling different business domains. Ability choose the best platform for the job and better resilience just to name a few.

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companies say microservices have no cost impact
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companies use microservices for better scalability
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companies use microservices to reduce time to market
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companies use microservices for more team autonomy

Here is how we do it:

Cloud-native refers to set of tools and practices which enable quick scale, reduction of dependencies and ability to rapidly deploy new versions of the software.

Break the monolith and be agile

By providing modular and decoupled microservices architectures, we enable seamless scalability, fault isolation, and independent development of different components. This approach allows our team to enable you to achieve greater agility, faster time-to-market, and the ability to rapidly adapt to changing business needs.

Additionally, with optimized microservices backends we enhance system performance, resource utilization, and resilience.

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Secure and control access to your backend

Our approach involves the deployment of an API gateway, which serves as a gatekeeper, overseeing and regulating the flow of data between clients and your backend services.

API Gateways act as a centralized entry point for all API requests, allowing you to enforce security measures such as authentication, authorization, and encryption in a unified manner. By implementing policies and access controls at the gateway level, the attack surface is significantly reduced.

Deploy new features, configuration changes, and bug fixes safely, quickly, and sustainably with a continuous delivery approach.

Scale with event driven architecture

By adopting event-driven patterns, such as publish-subscribe or message queues, our we enable loose coupling between different components, allowing them to operate independently and asynchronously. This architecture promotes scalability as components can scale independently based on the workload.

By utilizing messaging systems, such as Apache Kafka, Venturenox ensures reliable and efficient communication between components.

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Manage complex backends with service mesh

By implementing a dedicated infrastructure layer for service-to-service communication, our team with the deployment of Service Mesh allows for centralized control, observability, and security. This enables fine-grained traffic management, and fault tolerance.

By deploying service mesh, SaaS companies can effectively manage their complex microservices ecosystems, achieve better control over their applications, resulting in increased efficiency and team management.​

The process followed by Venturenox takes your startup from idea to scale.

Understand the workflows among complexity

By implementing open tracing, our team henables you to trace and visualize the flow of data and interactions across your distributed systems, providing a clear map of how processes and workflows unfold.

With Open Tracing, you gain a holistic understanding of the dependencies, bottlenecks, and performance issues that may be hidden within your complex system. It empowers you to pinpoint areas for optimization, enhance troubleshooting, and ultimately improve the efficiency and reliability of your workflows.

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