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Plans & Pricinng

Extend runway while building a great product.

Our affordable pricing reduces risk of running out of money, while you get best in class service in building SaaS products.

Building startups at Venturenox

Our distributed teams unlock great value while delivering magnetic products.

Should you pay a higher cost to an engineer because he chooses to live in SF? Probably not. The only reason to pay someone higher is because they bring greater value to the table.

Our distributed hiring strategy means we find the best engineers from some of the most talent rich regions of the world. We are so passionate about finding people who are both skilled and a cultural fit that we built an entire product, Testfuse, to solve this problem.

After hiring people after a meticulous process, provide them with an environment where creativity flourishes, while they are trained on our framework. Once they are embedded into our framework, they start doing work which results into magnetic products.

Our framework promotes work culture which makes remote and hybrid work very effective.

MVP Team

Post-validation team for building and launching a minimum viable product.

$20,000 / month

PMF Team

Post-MVP team for iterating quickly and finding the product and channel fit.

$35,000 / month

Scale Team

Post-PMF team for scaling the product and onboarding users quickly.

$50,000 / month

Starting with only an idea?

For founders starting only with an idea, it doesn't make sense to deploy an entire team. We offer a product discovery and kickoff workshop at fixed cost for building hypothesis and validating ideas.

$5,000 (one-time)

  • The financial amounts mentioned above are exclusive of any taxes, cloud costs, advertising expenses etc.
  • The amounts reflect typical costs associated with mentioned team size. Exact cost for your project could be less or more given the team size and seniority necessary for your project.
  • The fixed cost for product discovery and kickoff workshop assumes certain level of effort associated with initial validation activities. This could vary depending on the nature of your product.

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Starting a company is a life-changing decision, and we can help you evaluate whether you should take the plunge.

Let's talk about your ideas and explore if working with us is a good fit.

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