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Product Engineering

From idea to scale, and everything in between.

Staying true to our mission of ideating and creating magnetic products, we curate and continuously improve our services portfolio.

We have converted several ideas into magnetic products.

Operating System for Financial Services Companies

Levvy is a vertical SaaS platform which provides everything from workflows, to time tracking, invoicing, password and document management.

Field Sales Management Software for Agricultural Goods Company

Prime Genetics is an agriculture goods company with sales and distribution network across the country. We undertook a comprehensive digital transformation project incorporating geospatial intelligence and facial recognition.

AI-powered Personality and Skill Assessment Platform

Testfuse not only tests skills but also determines if a candidate would be a good fit for the role. This is accomplished with personality and value insights.

Our approach fuses agility with technology excellence.

Process to stay lean and respond swiftly to users.

Chances are you are building something which has never been built before. We have an established model to design iterations so that you can test your ideas quickly without spending too much.

In every subsequent iteration, you have a better hypothesis and you get closer to hearts and minds of your users.

Ingredients for a magnetic and effective product.

While we help you remain lean at all times, we make sure that whatever you are building is done on solid grounds.

We don't only bring serious technology and design skills, but also insights into technology trends which enable you to build a futuristic digital product.







Here is how we build products:

Discovery and Strategy Workshop

The product discovery has two primary purposes. The first is to document your hypothesis in a structured way, and the second is to get over the initial reluctance to launch yourself and complete the first iteration, while validating your initial hypothesis.

Our Product Engineering Approach

Learn about our unique philosophy of building products. We strive to build the right product, while trying to build the product right. We combine iterative learnings with technology excellence to create great products.

VPMF - Product Management Framework

We have built a product management framework after years of building products to help you build you product in a more effective manner. The framework helps you manage product data and perform several product management tasks.

User experience design and optimization

Our designers focus on creating user experiences that go beyond aesthetics, guiding users seamlessly through their journey. The focus is both on making an initial design effort which is informed and iteratively improving the designs by using analytics.

Web and Mobile Development

Our front-end engineers translate the designs created by the UX designers and shape them into reality to ensure that they work flawlessly. The focus is on performance, responsiveness and interactivity. 

SaaS Product Development

We have built several SaaS products over the years and have built established practices around several aspects of building and launching them. Learn more about how we build SaaS products.

Growth Stack Consulting

To be able to grow your products, you need to build an integrated growth machine. We help you choose the right marketing stack, and setup processes to continuously measure what matters, understand behaviours and engage users.

Ready to start building your product?