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Growth Stack Consulting

You need to build an integrated growth machine to scale your product.

You cannot grow if you cannot measure user behaviour and take automated action.

Simply running Google Analytics and embedding a chat tool in your product is not enough. You need to have insight into what users are doing and where things are going wrong.

MarTech is a complex space with a lot of players. We help you choose a good growth stack and deeply integrate it with your product so that you can grow.

Here is what we do:

Capture key events and establish customer data platform

Customer data platforms collect user events from multiple sources such as your mobile app, web frontend, backend servers, third-party tools and store the data in a data warehouse or stream it to other tools which might need the data.

Our open source customer data platform of choice is RudderStack. Over past few years, RudderStack has grown quickly and has started to support many data sources and destinations.

Identifying user personas for startup growth

Understand users, build segments and take action

The ability to consume and utilise custom events and drilling down to individual users using behavioural targeting are important capabilities. Creating cohorts, control groups and running experiments are needed for understanding user patterns.

Our open source analytics platform of choice is PostHog. More than analytics, it also provides features such as session recording, feature flags and event sync with other tools and data warehouses.

Engage users, with the right content, at the right time

You can measure engagement using the analytics tool, but you need to have a way to reach out to them when necessary, provide education about your platform and send promotions to them.

You would want to engage users who have been inactive using a channel where they will notice you. This includes in-app messaging, emails and push notifications. This is where customer engagement platforms come in.

Build relationships, balance automation and personal interaction

In high touch products where sales representatives need to maintain high level of contact with the customers and manage their deal pipelines, customer relationship management tools come to help. 

Sales engagement platform help you automate some of the most repetitive tasks that sales people have to perform. They enable you in building workflows which can be used to reach out to potential clients using multiple platforms. 

Build data warehouses, run advanced data analysis

The customer data platform can help you route all your customer event data to a data warehouse of your choice. Some of the industry leading data warehouses are Amazon Redshift and Google Big Query while open source alternatives such as Postgres and ClickHouse are equally good.

You will need to give your data analysts with a way to explore the data and run experiments. There are some excellent open source options for data exploration. Some of them are Metabase and Superset.

We choose the most appropriate tools to build your growth stack.

Event Capture
Data Warehouse
Machine Learning
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Apache Spark
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