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Our Product Engineering Approach

Build the right product, build the product right.

Our methodology fuses agility with technology excellence so that you make quick progress, while building a solid product.

We have a standardized way of building hypothesis and managing iterations.

Agility is critical for software success, but not always easy to get right.

Agile practices can sometimes feel counter-intuitive, and many people end up trusting their gut-feeling more than agile principles.

To implement agile effectively, the entire process needs to be conscious and structured. Our framework implements agile in a way which is easy to understand and follow-through.

Here is how we do it:

Identifying user personas for startup growth

Hypothesis Template

Our hypothesis template allows you to record everything that you know or have so far learned about your idea. With every iteration, the hypothesis is updated, and you move closer to hearts and minds of your users.

Our hypothesis template covers everything from positioning, user personas and customer segments to benefits, value metrics, user journeys and brand personality. The template gives a quickstart to your startup journey.

Best Tech Stack for startups

Product Management Framework

When you start building a product in an iterative manner, you collect and generate a lot of data that is typically spread out in different documents, and it is up to a good product manager to make sense of everything within.

Our PM framework provides a way to store and make sense of all the data related to your product. Working very much like a database, it keeps record of everything from tasks, roadmaps, objectives and user research data.

Continuous and agile development is important for startups of all stages

Objective-driven Iteration Planning

Every iteration needs to have a well defined objective. Skip this part, and you risk letting the project slide out of your hands. 

Every founder or entrepreneur has an initial hesitation of going to market. They usually lean towards building more and getting everything right. Many times, those improvements have little to do with what needs to be done right away. By stating objectives of an iteration in an express manner, we achieve better alignment and try agility.

Balanced agile for product development for startups

Rapid Development Process

Most people use the words “agile” and “scrum” interchangeably. By implementing scrum sprints, they believe they are iterating, which is not true most of the times. In fact, a typical scrum sprint of two weeks is usually too short to run a complete iteration with stated objective. In fact, scrum slows you down by releasing once every sprint and not accommodating changes during the sprint.

We implement a kanban process, along with continuous deployment and trunk based Git branching; all three practices are geared towards increasing the flow of work. 

Technology builds magnetic products. We help you be at its forefront.

Innovative technology is not a commodity, and will never be.

Technology is the driver of innovation. Behind every new advance in user experience, there is a technology and an engineer somewhere to thank.

At the end of the day, building technology is a labor of love, and that is exactly what we do at Venturenox. Our passion and experience in technology helps our clients be successful. 







Here is how we do it:

Venturenox work, building sustainable products for startups

Standardized Cloud-native Architecture

Our reference architecture is our boilerplate for how to build and operate large cloud-native applications. These are collection of code, configurations and guidelines for building scalable applications which help us get started on new products very quickly.

While building scalable infrastructure is usually considered a tough and time taking process, since we have iterated on our architecture several times, we actually cut down initial development time significantly.

The technology framework at Venturenox consists of platforms and practices that are designed to scale your startup.

Cutting-edge Technologies and Practices

Unlike most outsourcing companies which list dozens of technologies and verticals as their services, we have chosen to focus only on digital products and that too in a limited number of technologies along with a well defined framework. This is deliberate choice so that we can stay at the cutting edge of all our limited focus areas.

In all our six service areas, we have documented best practices and we are continously add to our body of knowledge.

Pre-made Building Blocks

Having built several digital platforms, we have now evolved standardized building blocks for standing up a new product.

From things like authentication, authorization, and notifications to more advanced boilerplates for data pipelines, analytics and integrations; we have several components which reduce technology risks and reduce time to market for new features. Some of these building blocks have also been released in open source.

GTM Stack Integration

The growth marketing stack plays an important role in success of a digital product. You need to monitor user behaviour at all stages of the user journey and take appropriate action to keep users engaged and satisfied.

Our architecture is inherently compatible with the most popular analytics and messaging tools; and through our experience of tightly integrating the product with these tools, we help our clients engage users and make them successful.

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