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Our Services

From idea to scale, and everything in between.

Staying true to our mission of ideating and creating magnetic products, we curate and continuously improve our services portfolio.

Here is what we do:

Discovery and Strategy Workshop

The product discovery has two primary purposes. The first is to document your hypothesis in a structured way, and the second is to get over the initial reluctance to launch yourself and complete the first iteration, while validating your initial hypothesis.

Having expertise in brand and product design, we design the perfect user experience

User experience design and optimization

Our designers focus on creating user experiences that go beyond aesthetics, guiding users seamlessly through their journey. The focus is both on making an initial design effort which is informed and iteratively improving the designs by using analytics.

Venturenox work, building sustainable products for startups

Web and Mobile Development

Our front-end engineers translate the designs created by the UX designers and shape them into reality to ensure that they work flawlessly. The focus is on performance, responsiveness and interactivity. 

A product studio that offers product development for startups

Intelligence with AI and Big Data

Our data scientists work on building data centric architectures to process and store data; as well as analytics and machine learning. Latest advances in AI are put to use in innovative ways to improve user experience.

Cloud-native refers to set of tools and practices which enable quick scale, reduction of dependencies and ability to rapidly deploy new versions of the software.

Cloud Infrastructure and DevOps

Our cloud engineers build critical infrastructure for both hosting the application in a scalable, resilient, and secure manner as well as building systems for agile delivery of new software to your users. 

Building a startup team and process

Microservices backends which scale

We build your backend systems to be modular, decoupled and highly scalable. Our approach contains infrastructure components like API gateways, messaging queues like Kafka and service meshes.

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