Discovery Workshop

Discovery Workshop

A majority of startups fail due to lack of product-market fit. We research and validate your idea before taking any more steps!
Research and validate your idea to find the right product-market fit.


3 - 6 weeks


< $5,000


Product Manager

1. Capturing Vision

Articulate your Ideas and Goals

Are you sure enough about your expectations from the brilliant idea that you are just about to share with us? How far do you see it thriving? What problem are you about to solve and for who? Too many questions already? At Venturenox we talk to you, discuss, and dig down deep into your ideology to understand the vision of your startup as its founder.

Understanding product vision for startups
Find your competitors, find your potential customers, and determine the viability of your idea as a high-performing product.

Know your Customers & Competitors

We find your competitors, find your potential customers, and determine the viability of your idea as a high-performing product. We closely look into the market dynamics and analyze what problems the product shall solve and how. We evaluate and help you determine the market size and how shall your product differs from its competition.


Formulate the Perfect Pitch

As a founder, you must be looking for ways to disrupt the market and position your brand with just the right feel. We help you find your product’s benchmark so that it fits the gaps in the market and penetrates as a leading force. The team works on creating the right feel to position your brand as per your ideology and the market need.

Product positioning for startups helps you penetrate the market gaps.
Identifying user personas for startup growth

Step into the shoes of your Users

Don’t find it important to know your potential audience? Well, you are missing out big time! Identifying user personas is essential for startup building and understanding your audience. We research and create ideal customer profiles to understand the audiences’ needs and expectations of your product before we start developing it.


Gauge Buyer Interest and Intent

We validate your idea against the market needs considering factual outcomes. Our team tests your product’s wireframes or prototypes with real users to save your time and investment before it’s too late. We validate your idea, the product, and its market fit to finally step forward into shaping the product for mass use.

Idea and product are evaluated to find the right product-market fit.

Build & Scale
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