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Our Work

Building smart platforms with top innovators.

We have worked with some of the most innovative entrepreneurs and enterprises to create delightful and intelligent platforms.

Workforce Analytics for the Knowledge Economy

Crewnetics is an employee data platform built for the future of work. It provides data driven objectives, highly contextual surveys, and new-age analytics.

AI-powered Personality and Skill Assessment Platform

Testfuse not only tests skills but also determines if a candidate would be a good fit for the role. This is accomplished with personality and value insights.

Operating System for Financial Services Companies

Levvy is a vertical SaaS platform which provides everything from workflows, to time tracking, invoicing, password and document management.

AI Powered Engagement Analytics for Online Learners

Phocys is an application for measuring and analysing engagement of online learners using their visual data as well as other dimesnions. The platform helps learners and instructors in improving their performance.

Corporate Philanthropy Platform helping companies make social Impact

Altrunic is a corporate philanthropy platform which enables companies run charitable campaigns with top charities and engage their customers and employees. The platform helps companies setup a public impact site as well.

Deep Learning driven Imaging Tool for Hepatobiliary Surgeons

Liver analyzer is a tool for hepatobiliary surgeons so that they can quickly make assessments about key health indicators such as liver volumes and tumor locations and sizes without immediate help from a trained radiologist.

Dating App to match people with just the Right Personalites

DatingSphere is a unique dating app which promises to connect you to the person with just the right person. This is accomplished using elaborate personality and matching algorithms as well as by collecting recommendations from a user’s friends about their personality.

Loan and Customer Management Platform for Small Lenders

Presta is a platform for small lenders and financial institutions to keep track of potential borrowers, build loan products and track loan applications. It also features capabilities for loan servicing.

E-commerce with a twist of Winning Cool Products

FloatThat is a unique winning platform where multiple people contribute small amounts towards an expected prize. The winner gets the prize, while people who don’t get rewards equal to their contributed amounts.

Helping Teachers curate Learning Resources for College Students

SimpliTaught is a startup which is building a platform where educators can curate resources from across the web as well as upload their own resources against certain chapters and books so that students can learn easily.

Field Sales Management Software for Agricultural Goods Company

Prime Genetics is an agriculture goods company with sales and distribution network across the country. We undertook a comprehensive digital transformation project incorporating geospatial intelligence and facial recognition.

Food ordering app with charitable giving built-in

Skip'n'Give is a unique app which combines food ordering with charity so that you don't forget those who are in need while you indulge yourself into culinary pleasures.

Wildlife Species Detection from live feeds in realtime

WildCam detects wildlife activities from live streams so that wildlife enthusiasts can track wildlife activity. Since the project involved analysing frames from multiple live streams continuously, we employed Kafka and de-coupled micro-services to build the product.

Large Scale Cloud Infrastructure for Crypto Exchange

Mothership is a fully regulated crypto currency exchange with fiat license based in Estonia. We designed and implemented application architecture, cloud infrastructure, continuous integration and delivery pipelines; and security protocols for management of the entire service.

Realtime Campaign Delivery pipeline for Telenor Pakistan

We worked as SAS’s local development partner to design and deliver a marketing automation solution to Telenor Pakistan. The stream computing pipeline extracted, cleaned and processed network logs to generate campaign decisions in real time.

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