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Product Management Framework

Set of databases, templates and best practices to validate your idea, plan iterations and manage product development process.

Why does the world need VPMF?

While it is easy to standardize several parts of building a product and associated infrastructure, product management is the most difficult to get right and normalize.

When you start building a product in an iterative manner, you collect and generate a lot of data that is typically spread out in different documents, and it is up to a good product manager to make sense of everything within it.

Our product management framework provides a way to store and make sense of all the data related to your product. Working very much like a database, it keeps record of everything from tasks, roadmaps, objectives and user research data.

While every product is different, VPMF provides a sense of standardization and confidence that you are able to make the most use of your product knowledge.

Here are the features which make VMPF really awesome.

Hypothesis Template

Our hypothesis template covers everything from positioning, user personas and customer segments to benefits, value metrics, user journeys and brand personality. With every iteration, the hypothesis is updated, and you move closer to hearts and minds of your users.

Database Structure

The VPMF data structure contains 15 different entities which effectively capture most aspects of a product's lifecycle. These entities cover market focus data such as competitors, problems, benefits, personas etc, as well as project management data like iterations, stories, epics etc.

Project Management

The VPMF includes multiple tools to manage the development progress. This includes a Kanban board, prioritization framework, and progress reports. A consolidated roadmap view with iteration milestones and progress of development and growth initiatives is also included.

Third Party Integrations

The framework can be integrated with several tools to sync data. Some of our favourite integrations include GitHub, Intercom, HubSpot and Slack. This enables extension of the framework to unlock even more visibility.

Here are the tools we used.

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