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Reference Platform Architecture

Battle hardened best practices and technology components which work together like a charm for a majority of real world use cases.

Why does the world need VRPA?

As a venture studio, it made sense for Venturenox to standardize the way we build products. This also afforded us a unique opportunity: using architectural choices which are not possible for a startup building their tech teams from scratch.

We embarked upon building a reference architecture which was highly repeatable, covered the needs of most products, was based on highly supported open source technology platforms, and minimized vendor lock-in.

Over last several years and dozens of products later, our reference platform architecture has seen a lot of evolution, and stands today as an advanced framework with a lot of boilerplate code.

When we start working on a new product, we add components from VRPA on day 1 of development, which jump starts their development and adds immense tangible value instantly – at no additional cost to our clients.

Here are the features which make VRPA really awesome.

Open Source First

As a company, we have a strong open source focus. Over last few decades, the open source software has revolutionised the world. Building with open source components also results into solid platform and business continuity strategy because of avoidance of vendor lock-in.

Battle Tested

We have built this reference architecture over several years and platforms based on it are already running in production. Our teams have accumulated lot of experience building with components from this architecture. This results in confidence in choosing components and ability to move quick.

Cloud Agnostic

We have consciously made the decision not to rely too much on any one proprietary platform. Where we do work with them, we make sure they are easy to replace if the need arises. Currently there is a lot of momentum around taking infrastructure back to data centre, and our architecture is well positioned to support that.

Quick Setup

Over the years, we have written a lot of glue code so that components from the architecture work well together. From terraform templates to CI/CD pipelines to microservice boilerplates with observability and kafka baked in, we have it all. This becomes a serious advantage for the products we work on.

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